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Heatwave Pictures - the food film specialists in London

the food film specialists


Heatwave Pictures - the food film specialists in London

the food film specialists



The strength of Heatwave Pictures is that we are creatives who can offer different styles to fit each brief. Each job is a collaboration between you & us.

All of the Heatwave team are encouraged to add their skills & personality. Creative work should be enjoyable so we pride ourselves on having a welcoming atmosphere and a few laughs.

Attention to detail & high quality production are at the heart of why we founded Heatwave Pictures. The results matter to us. It is not just about “content’, it has to be quality content.

We are born problem solvers & bring big ideas - resulting in fresh and natural images, beautiful lighting & strong imagery, creating high impact for everyone.


Heatwave Pictures are the specialists in food & drink digital media

producing branded content for the food & drink industry - based in London

our bespoke services include;


  • films

  • photography

  • combo (films AND photography)


  • full production

  • concept

  • treatment / storyboard

  • shoot

  • edit

Other pre or post production

can be booked individually or combined

  • content creation from existing footage/photos

  • edit

  • motion graphics

  • colour grade

  • retouching

  • research / treatment

Where our work features;

  • advertising - outdoor inc billboards

  • advertising - online campaigns

  • in store display - digital & print

  • social media campaigns

  • PR - print / press / online campaigns

  • websites

  • menus

  • books

heatwave pictures makes it simple

you may have so many questions you don't know where to start?

we deliver top quality food videos with trusted results

we arrange everything needed to make your visuals work

films • photography • stories

from creating hit social media campaigns to filming commercials we work with you to make content you need and your audience will love

what we bring to the table.......

thanks to our experience in the image business, we have a great wealth of talent & knowledge we can draw on

our contacts book is unrivalled

• food stylists/home economists • prop stylists • storyboard /treatment writers •

• set builders • editors •sound • recipe writers • studios & locations •

we can bring them all in to play when needed